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Pops Orchestra


An interesting request came through our doors one day by the Salt Lake City Pops Orchestra. They wanted us to produce their video of a popular song by Evanescence. The Orchestra showed up late to their portion of the shoot, so late, in fact, it was completely dark outside! However by using high-speed lenses…(Read More)

Sumo Stance


Little Giant Ladders has an entire division dedicated to the invention of new ladder technologies. It was in the spirit of their experimentation that Catapult was brought in to showcase one on the web by..alternative messaging: The entire video was done using hand drawn illustrations by our own artists on a budget of $6500…(Read More)

We were hired to do a photo/video shoot and a web video to be shared on social media for the Swiss aircraft manufacturer, Pilatus. After discussing this with the client we agreed on a Behind the Scenes video of the photos shoot and to include portions of the video we made for them too…(Read More)

Bubba Car Wash


Our longest client relationship, Maverik, approached us one day with a script outline for a car wash where two ladies tested out the Maverik truck they just won and later went to get it washed by some interesting vendors… Maverik is a retainer client so this video had no specific budget to list here, however…(Read More)

An action figure website partnered with DC to promote their latest line of Batman the Animated series before it hit the shelves. Instead of producing a typical review where an individual opens the box and criticizes or praises the toys Catapult decided to add a twist and have the reviewer play with the toys imagining…(Read More)



Catapult was approached by a team who had developed an appetite satiety snack to help people with their dieting. This group was bootstrapping their business and came to us to create a video that would be memorable enough to be shared over and over again. So on a budget of $2500 total, the Catapult team…(Read More)