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Recently, Catapult Impact was tapped to help craft campaign videos for the Freedom and Liberty PAC ( to help show support for 2012 Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Starting with two slick, professional, impressive motion graphics and video pieces, Catapult Impact recently finished work on a third, more ambitious spot. Requiring set builders, makeup artists, costumers, prosthetics, and a host of other crew to carry off, this ambitious spot pokes a stiff thumb in the eye of the broken two party system.

The spot was shot using Sony’s PMW F3 and Compact Prime Zeiss lenses to help achieve the professional finished look. Next up, Catapult Impact is beginning work on another spot supporting Johnson’s presidential bid, this time focusing on the broken policies and problems the two party system has created. If you like the qulaity of video production you’re seeing in these ads, get in contact with us and let us figure out how we can help you and your business!

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