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Ok, ok, so that reference is a little dated.  Ok, a lot of dated.  But we’re catching up with the kids and we’re on Twitter now.


But even though our references may be dated, our camera equipment, skills, and knowledge about video production, website design, and media delivery are cutting edge.  We’re shooting using cinema level cameras, using programs like After Effects, Cinema 4D, Avid Symphony, Davinci Resolve and Premiere for post, and constantly reading, watching, and collaborating with the best in the field to take our game to the next level.

For example, our current crush is the Sony F55.  240 frame per second in 2K raw.  WHAT!  Crazy!  Global shutter, 2K and 4K Raw, unbelievable dynamic range, the list just keeps going.  But we feel like if we’re going to be providing the best possible videos for our clients, we’re going to need the best possible equipment, so we keep our eyes open and ears to the ground for the latest and greatest.

Speaking of videos, and you, you should click below and contact us about a quote.  I think you’d be surprised how affordable it can be, and how much a video could help your business.  So just do it.  Give a click.  It’s easy!

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