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It’s 2013!  Which means, it’s a new year.  Which means, you’re probably either thinking up resolutions, trying not to break them, or (eep) have already broken them and given up.  They say the number one resolution is lose weight.  Sadly, none of us really have the time to go to the gym regularly, put in the necessary exercise, eat and prepare more healthy food, and so on.  But, what if I told you that Catapult Impact had the answer for being able to achieve your resolutions?  No matter what they are!  (Ok, almost no matter what they are.  I’m looking at you, Mr. Go On a Date With Scarlett Johansson’.)


Here it is:  get a video for your website, or for your product or service, and let the world know you’re there!  Video is the best way to make connections with customers, and not only can the Impact video production specialists provide you with the video, we have an advanced video email system that lets you target a specific audience, and then send videos right to them, with specifics calls to action!  Even better, our system tracks who watches it, when they watch it, what they watch it on, how much they watch, and a whole lot more so you have all the information necessary to better craft your messaging.

Ok, ok, so how does this help you keep your resolutions?  Money!  With the right video, you can bring in more business, and generate more income!  And though some people say money can’t buy happiness, it can buy back time, more specifically your time. If you’re interested in seeing how a video can help you, just get in contact with us, and we’ll walk you through the details.

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