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I just saw Premium Rush over the weekend, and was struck by how lean and efficient the storytelling was. No wasted scenes; everything pedaling in one direction; and a clear goal. So if this can be achieved over a hundred minute time span, why do we so often see commercials, advertisements, and website videos that are bloated, muddled and un-engaging? Given the incredibly short time span, how is that even possible?

All the videos we make have a purpose. They are telling your story. Whether that story is about you, your company, or your product, we’re in the business of telling that story. So in an effort to give you a compelling finished video or website product, we try to be as exacting as the best. We continually learn, and apply our learning in an effort to continually do better.

And rather than try to piece together a video from assets gathered from wherever, we prefer to guide your video from start to finish. That means from planning, scripting, and pre-production, all the way through production and post-production to a final, deliverable video product. And we put this same care and attention into the custom WordPress websites that we build.

If you’re interested in a video, but you’re not sure how to go about, or who to ask, how much it might cost, or other concerns, just ask us. We’d be happy to walk you through the process, talk over any and everything you might need, and provide you with a quote tailored specifically to your needs. We have the drive, the passion, and the video production skills to help you produce Premium Video.

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