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So when we’re not all busy being video production types, what do we get up to over at Catapult Impact?  Why, shooting zombies with crossbows, of course.  (A pumpkin will do in a pinch.)

… what?  That’s totally normal, right?  Right!  You wouldn’t believe how much stress it relieves after spending the day building custom wordpress websites.  Or cutting together a series of long website videos or promotional videos.  Anyway, we like to keep our skills sharp by shooting short films, putting together fun promotional pieces, and pushing ourselves to see how creative we can get in a variety of situations.

While you can prepare well for a shoot, you can’t prepare for every contingency, and it helps to have options to fall back on in those cases.  Which is why we always try to add more and more tips, tricks, and experience to our overall skillset.  When our clients are counting on us to deliver exceptional video product, we’re not in the business of letting them down, and so, we shoot zombies.

Plus, it means that if we’re ever caught in a zombie apocalypse, you’ll also be able to count on the fine folks at Catapult Impact to protect you from the ravenous zombie hoards!  Check back here later, and we might just have more zombie goodness, including the finished video, for you to look at!

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