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As a full service video production company, Catapult Impact has a variety of clients.  One of the ones we’re most excited about working with is Skypark, located at Skypark is fast becoming one of the premiere aviation websites on the internet, by providing a huge selection of aviation videos ranging from the instructional to the just plain beautiful air to air video.


So why do we love Skypark so much?  Well, they’re fighting for a cause, and at Catapult Impact, we love causes.  Private aviation, and small airports are taking a hit right now, and Skypark has made it their cause to bring attention to this problem, and re-energize private aviation in a big way.  And we think that’s something that everyone can get behind.


At Catapult Impact, we’re more than just website videos, or video email, or great promotional video; we want to help you fight for your cause, and get your story out there!  So why contact us, using the links below, and let’s get started supporting your cause, so that like Skypark, your voice will be heard.

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