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The Best Documentary of the year.

The Best Documentary of the year.


This year, the Oscar(TM) nominees were missing a movie.  I know, I know, every year, they pass over ores of deserving movies, but sometimes it’s astounding.  This year, the Big One is the Imposter.  Produced by a British documentary film crew, about a French con man living in Spain who convinces an American family from Texas (got all that?) that he’s their missing son, The Imposter is not only an outstanding documentary with great video production values, it’s just a flat out great movie.  It’s as compelling as any other movie you may have seen this year, and IT’S TRUE!  None of this ‘based on some resemblance to events that might have happened, maybe’ this is a strange, crooked tale that will leave you astounded by the end.  The old saying about truth being stranger than fiction was invented for stories like this.

So, what’s this got do with it all, you may be asking?  Well, at its heart, The Imposter is a story well told.  Through the use of re-created footage, interviews, and a great build to the story, this movie understands how to engage and keep your audience enthralled.  It’s a reminder that when we’re crafting videos, and when we’re trying to present a service or product, the story is one of the key elements.  Many website videos I’ve come across don’t understand this, and the message gets lost in the fuzz.

At Catapult Impact, we love working with you to try and perfect that story, and deliver an engaging product to your clients.  Just click on the button below, and let’s get started!

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