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One key element of a good website video that many people forget is a call to action.  No matter how compelling your pitch, hook, product or service is, if you don’t provide people with something to do at the end of the video, then, well, they’ll do nothing.  Imagine watching a great video that tells you all about a brand new duster that not only dusts those hard to reach places, but it puts out a nice smell at the smae time, and cleans the air.  That’s a pretty exciting product, right?  But what if at the end of the video, they didn’t tell you where to go, or what to do?

For most people, they’ll simply lose interest and move on.

I know it sounds simple, but so many people miss this obvious step.  If you want them to purchase a product or service, tell them where to click so they can do that.  If you want them to get more information, provide them with where they need to go, and give them a compelling reason to seek out that information.  Indeed, a call to action can be as simple as ‘Click here for more information’ or ‘Click here to Order’.

But as simple as it is, make sure you have one, and make sure it’s the right one.  A video, done right, can be a powerful tool.  And once you’re video is ready to get made, why not click on the form below to contact us, and get an idea of how much it might cost?  It’s simple, quick, and by clicking below, you may get your video for far cheaper than you expected!

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